White Label Wizard

The ContentFlow Wizard lets webmasters to get very creative in their use of SexEntertain Ultra-Premium content library and rich metadata.  With just a few minutes, you can easily create and deploy customized video sites and pages for so many business purposes. Review our Solutions Section for creative ideas for operators of Membership sites, Product, Live Cam or Dating sites, newbie webmasters and domain owners.  With the ContentFlow Wizard the possibilities are really unlimited. You select and customize. We host. It's just that simple. No coding required!

The ContentFlow Wizard steps you through a series of forms that does all the work for you:

  • ContentFlow Definition - The name, display type and purpose of your project.
  • Content Selection and Filters - The libraries you wish to include in your project, the studios, categories you wish to include and those categories you wish to exclude are all easily controlled.
  • Display Customization - You can set the CSS parameters and graphics for your display without any knowledge of CSS editing or programming. Powerful and simple to operate.
  • Content Scheduling - You set how much content is presented to the viewer at any time and how often it updates.
  • Create/Recreate - You can change any setting any time you like with complete freedom.
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