ContentFlow Embedding and CSS control

The ContentFlow Wizard lets webmasters deeply embed any display template into any section of any page you control, for any device (mobile, tablet, web, iTV, etc)  

By embed, we mean completely, not with an iFrame.  Using techniques like php file_get_contents or fopen, webmasters can place ContentFlow Packages anywhere on any page, create new sites, and create sections of sites or sections of pages with complete flexibility.   

Once embedded, you can use your local CSS to control any aspect the ContentFlow display template to ensure complete control over your pages.  The embedding and deep linking of ContentFlow package has the added benefit of boosting your SEO.  

Your customers see your pages, not ours.   It's your SEO, your branding, your site.  

Click here to see live samples of deep embedding of ContentFlow Packages.

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