SE's Visitor Function

SexEntertain's Visitor Function lets you display previews of SE Movies to unregistered users or trial site users. You control the length, number and type of preview site visitors can view based on rules you set. SE's Visitor Function is a great toll for use in Tours, Hosted Galleries, Trial Sites and Traffic Generation Sites.

With the Visitor Function, you define "policies" based on specific URLs on which SE Movies are embedded. Policies store rules you define, including these:

  • The length of any preview
  • The number of previews any one visitor can watch
  • The message you wish to display in the player when the preview is completed
  • The redirect URL the visitor should view to sign up for your (or your partner's) service.

Visitor Function offers both Standard and Dynamic Preview Modes:

  • Standard Previews lets you define the duration of the playback, but enables the visitor seek to any frame in the video.
  • Dynamic Previews are system automated displays of a sequential series of video segments to provide a sample of the movie without providing the visitor any controls over the preview.

Standard Preview

For trial site customers, the DirectFeed Visitor Function lets you define policies to control the volume of video viewing, while providing in-player messages to upgrade their service via a URL for the upgrade form you host. See our Solutions Pages to learn how you can exploit the Direct Feed Visitor Function.

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