Delivery Options

SexEntertain provides access to the largest and most extensive collection of premium adult content available for lease by webmasters on the internet.   Let your customers Pay Once, Watch Everywhere

We understand that customers want the freedom to watch the videos on your site when, where and however they want on the devices they prefer.  Customers want instant access anywhere whether it's a mobile phone or the flat screen in the living room.  SexEntertain Delivers our content to nearly any device through a variety of delivery options.

  • ContentFlow is our smart new White Label Wizard for web, mobile or living room entertainment.  There is no limit to what you can create using the ContentFlow Wizard.
  • ContentFlow API lets you request information about any or every SE movie, and then deliver it where your customers want to view it.
  • DirectFeed lets you download an easily ingestible MySQL DB containing all the details of our extensive leased content library.
  • Web Feeds a stylish and easy to use templated premium video displays containing a preselected library of videos corresponding to a specific niche and brand.  We have 500 different templated Web Feeds covering every conceivable niche, category, style and subject

Our goal is to help improve the online experience your customers receive on your sites by providing you with premium studio produced adult movies and advanced delivery methods and tools.  Review our Solutions Page to learn how SexEntertain can help your business.


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